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Instructions for project participation: Please drop off a bog of canned food at the gate table upon entry to the Torre Championship. Please include in the bag a paper with your name, high school, and grad year. Then complete the online project form and we will email your hours.

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Receive verified volunteer hours toward school requirements, National Honor Society, and merit scholarships.

- Hours will be awarded based on each individual project presentation.

- This project will earn between 6 and 12 hours.

- Upon review of your project – You will be sent award letter documenting your participation and hours earned. Use this letter to submit for school requirements, National Honor Society and merit based scholarship applications such as Bright Futures.

- There is no cost to participate other than your individual project supplies.

This project consists of planting trees, flowers, cleaning, raking, digging, mulching etc. Participants are required to submit before and after photos and 2 paragraph explanation of the community benefit of their project. The project deadline is May 31, 2022. 

Complete the registration form below and we will email you the project instructions.
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