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- SACSN is not a travel team and does not conflict with travel team participation.

- There are no commitments, financial or otherwise.

- Athletes will have opportunities to participate in SACSN projects and events through senior year in high school that will directly build community service hours and extracurricular college resume.

- Our staff has regular college coaching jobs. We do this to give back to the athletes, give back to the community, and help move the game and the athletes forward.


New athlete player selections are added to the National Watchlist. Please complete the form below so that we can confirm we have the correct spelling of your name and your correct high school. It's important that the National Watchlist has correct info, this helps college coaches/scouts follow you.


SACSN is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing high school student-athletes with a platform to give back, stand out, and succeed through baseball and community service. SACSN athletes represent some of the top high school and travel team programs in the nation. We have hundreds of alumni playing at every level of collegiate baseball annually. Over 100 alumni MLB Draft picks, 21 first-round selections, 18 making their MLB debut.

Participating with SACSN helps you stand out with college coaches, college applications, and college merit-based scholarships. The NCAA Division 1 council recently passed new legislation that allows partial scholarship sports such as baseball to use need-based and merit-based awards and scholarships for student athletes without counting against a team's scholarship limit.

There are no fees or obligations involved with joining SACSN. We ask new athletes to make a one-time tax-deductible contribution to Honda Birdies for Children in conjunction with our collective Birdies for Children charitable project. You receive 2 hours of community service, a donation receipt from Birdies for Children, and guesses to win $25,000 in cash by guessing the correct number of birdies to be made at the 2024 PGA Tour Cognizant Classic golf tournament. You will receive your documented project service-hours via email from coach Torre at the end of Feb.

What Number Should I Guess?

To help you along, here are the total number of birdies made in each of the last 15 tournaments (all have been played at PGA National Resort & Spa - Champion Course):

2007: 1,116  2008: 1,144  2009:  1,180. 2010: 1,181  2011: 1,041.  2012: 1,279. 2013: 1,244.  2014: 1,363.   2015: 1,168.  2016:    1,246   2017:   1,361.  2018: 1,090   2019: 1,320  2020:  1,172.  2021:  1,345  2022: 1262


Current 2024 Birdies for Children Standings

SACSN is a proud charitable partner of the Honda Classic, Birdies for Children. All donations receive guesses to win a new Honda Vehicle by guessing the total number of birdies to be made at the 2023 PGA Tour Honda Classic and donation receipt from Honda Classic Birdies for Children.

"It’s always important for me to set an example.“ "Now that I feel I’m a part of something special (SACSN) it’s really important for me to be a role model. I need to show myself the best that I can."

               - Jo Adell (Los Angeles Angels) Class 2017 Alum (KY)


As seen in the January issue of Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

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