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SACSN is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing high school student-athletes with a platform to stand out, give back and succeed. SACSN athletes represent some of the top high school and travel team programs in the nation. We have hundreds of alumni playing at every collegiate level and eighty eight alumni have been drafted by MLB in the past four years alone.

Participating with SACSN helps you stand out with college coaches, college applications, and college merit-based scholarships. The NCAA Division 1 council recently passed new legislation that allows partial scholarship sports such as baseball to use need-based and merit-based awards and scholarships for student athletes without counting against a team's scholarship limit. SACSN helps maximize merit-based scholarship opportunity.

"It’s always important for me to set an example.“ "Now that I feel I’m a part of something special (SACSN) it’s really important for me to be a role model. I need to show myself the best that I can."

               - Jo Adell (Los Angeles Angels) Class 2017 Alum (KY)