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Charitable Partner

Honda Birdies for Children guesses made after Feb 21, 2022 will go toward the 2023 Honda Classic. Donation receipts for Birdies contributions made after Feb 21, 2022 will be sent by Honda Birdies for Children in August 2022. The Information deadline for the Spring 2022 National Watchlist is March 1st.

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Jack & Barbara Nicklaus


"It’s always important for me to set an example.“ "Now that I feel I’m a part of something special (SACSN) it’s really important for me to be a role model. I need to show myself the best that I can."

               - Jo Adell (Los Angeles Angels) Class 2017 Alum (KY)


New Honorees' are selected annually by our national selection committee chaired by Frank Torre. The mission of the All-Area Honors Awards is to recognize the best of the best, most well-rounded, high school baseball student-athletes in the nation.

New Honorees are asked to fundraise $20 tax-deductible contribution to help support our programming including National Watchlist production & distribution, Gas Card Project (helping get children back and forth to medical treatments), and our charitable partner The Honda Classic Birdies for Children and Jack Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Charity. You receive a donation receipt, guess(s) to win a new Honda vehicle, and community service hours. Contributions are also credited toward 2022 event participation including SACSN National Team, North vs South Games, and the Collegiate Main Event. Your service hours and award documentation will be emailed to you via a PDF attachment. Hours are to be turned in to your school office and go toward school service requirements, National Honor Society, and college merit scholarship programs such as Bright Futures.

Our collective efforts have helped contribute over 1 Million Dollars to the Honda Birdies for Children Charity and our Alumni have received over 1 Million in merit-based scholarship dollars.

The NCAA Division I Council passed legislation that allows partial scholarship sports such as baseball to use merit-based awards and scholarships for student athletes without counting against a team’s athletic scholarship limit. NCAA Div. 1 has 11.7 athletic scholarships per roster, NCAA D2 has 9 athletic scholarships per roster, and NCAA D3 has zero athletic scholarships per roster. Maximizing merit scholarships can play a huge role in making college baseball and education more affordable. By participating with SACSN, All-Area Honors, and the National Team. You not only separate yourself from the national pack of players and stand out with college coaches and MLB scouts. You also receive service hours for each project/event which helps you maximize merit-scholarships and demonstrate leadership.

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SACSN is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization based in Palm Beach, FL Tax ID # 46-4002011


To help you along, here are the total number of birdies made in each of the last fourteen tournaments (all have been played at PGA National Resort & Spa - Champion Course):

  • 2007: 1,116 Birdies 

  • 2008: 1,144 Birdies 

  • 2009: 1,180 Birdies

  • 2010: 1,181 Birdies 

  • 2011: 1,041 Birdies 

  • 2012: 1,279 Birdies 

  • 2013: 1,244 Birdies 

  • 2014: 1,363 Birdies 

  • 2015: 1,168 Birdies 

  • 2016: 1,246 Birdies 

  • 2017: 1,361 Birdies 

  • 2018: 1,090 Birdies 

  • 2019: 1,320 Birdies

  • 2020: 1.172 Birdies

  • 2021: 1,345 Birdies

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New Honorees'

- are featured on the National Watch List released in Spring & Summer.

- receive documented service hours that go toward school requirements, National Honor Society, and merit scholarships such as Bright Futures. Plus opportunities to build hours quarterly.

- qualify to participate in the North vs. South Charity Games & Collegiate Main Event.

- qualify to participate with the SACSN National Team.

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